Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally put an end to wasting pet food without using harmful pest repellent.

Are you tired of fighting with pesty ants, constantly raiding your cat or dog's food dish? Are you afraid to spray pest repellant, in fear that your cat or dog will fall ill to the poison in commercial bug repellants? If so, I have two different, very simple 100% natural techniques that will solve the problem of ants getting into your pet's food dish.

One of the ways to keep ants out of your pet's food bowl is to sprinkle ground cinnamon around the pet's food dish. The cinnamon will repel the ants. Another way you can keep the ants out of your cat or dog's food dish is to rub a small dab of petroleum jelly around the base of the food bowl. The ants will not cross the petroleum jelly.

Either of these two techniques will repel ants from your pet' s food dish using natural products. You will have peace of mind that your pet will not be harmed by accidentally ingested pesticide.

Repeat the natural ant repellant of your choice weekly to maintain potency.

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  1. Cocoa butter works also... just tried it and it's a great air freshener too :)

  2. Tried petroleum jelly last night and had ants this morning.