Saturday, August 21, 2010

8 Tips to Keep Your Pets Happy While You're Away

How do your pets feel after you leave for work? Are they sad? Do they act out on your furniture? Or, do they just lie around and cry wondering what they did wrong to make you leave?

Pets are part of your family and they do everything they can to please you. So, why keep them bored out of their minds while you're busy at work? Here are eight tips to keep both you and your pet smiling while you're away:

1. Try setting aside about 15 minutes before you leave to play with your pet. This is a perfect time to get a little morning exercise in for yourself too. A tired pet is a happy pet. A tired pet is also less likely to have the energy to be destructive, as in taking their boredom out on your furniture and shoes. Playing will let them know you're happy with them as well, so they won't have anxiety thinking you left beacuse they had been bad.

2. Hiding treats around the house should make quite the fun hunt while you're gone. Try hiding their treats in various toys or in areas of the house where they are allowed to roam. Also, there are great treat stuffed toys, like Kongs, which pets love spending time trying to dig out the peanut butter flavored centers (Find them at Petco or order online here). Also, be sure to only leave out safe toys when you're away. For example, dogs could run the risk of choking on a rawhide's pieces and you wouldn't be there to perform the Heimlich on poor Fido.

3. Music is said to calm the savage beast. One can figure if it works for savage beasts, it should work for your pet. Try various genres of music. Country might cause drowziness, Rock could make them hyper, Rap may make them aggressive, and Jazz might just do the trick. I've heard one pet owner found that their two dogs would actually "dance" to Jazz while no one was looking (seriously). Also, keeping the volume level low tends to work best. Any louder and you might find more than just your pet when you get home.

4. If they are not in the mood for music, you could try the TV. Try various channels with this option as well. You might find that if you leave the Discovery Channel on, you may come home to a dug out escape tunnel. I've heard that story from a friend as well. I suggest you try out both the TV and music and see which works best for both of you.

5. Leaving your pet with an empty bladder and intestines is a good idea for both of you. So, make sure to take them outside right before you leave each day. This teaches them not to do the "do" inside. Just to be safe, or for emergencies, you could leave potty pads with a few squirts of attracting spray. Another option is the new indoor pet bathrooms made of grass. This might be the best idea between the two, so they don't lose their "outdoor" training (Click here to purchase one for only $29.95 online.) Hey, better the pad or turf than your floor.

6. For those of you keeping your pets in a cage while you are gone at work, I have no suggestions on keeping them happy. How happy can you be when you spend your days in solitary confinement?

I will, however, suggest that you work with your pets on better behavior, so you can at least leave them in a closed room. They will love and appreciate you even more than they do now having been freed from daily prison.

7. Do not hesitate to ask a friend to go by and spend some time with your pet, or even take them outside. People who are too busy to have pets of their own might appreciate the option. Working people are finding professional dog walkers to be a great resource.

8. If you're in a position to do it, get a second pet. Often a companion will provide the stimulation a bored pet needs while you're gone.

Try imagining daily life just like this: No friends. No TV. No music. No internet. No fun...Exactly. So, really anything you can do to better your pet's life while you are away all day, the better. Your pet always, ALWAYS, tries their best to make you happy when you're home, why not do the same for them when you leave?

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  1. Ovie really likes to watch home videos while we're gone. He also loves Lady Gaga and the Rolling Stones